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TRIA restaurant

From tradition, towards perfection

Inside the Tenuta Santicuti, with a view to providing the customer with ever greater comfort and excellent services, the restaurant in Santicuti called TRIA was born from the skill and passion of the award-winning chef Nicola Leo. In the name itself there is the essence and the philosophical thought of the restaurant. Tria is traditional Salento pasta, but also the number three, the perfect number (omnia tria perfecta est - everything in number three is perfect) 

Loving to believe that 3 is also a perfect number for men ... Elena and Totò fascinated by her project have embraced philosophy and art in the fires of chef Nicola Leo. And well, it is precisely in the name of the Tria restaurant, the culinary philosophy of Elena, Totò and Nicola. The chef, always leaning towards the firm roots of Salento cuisine towards the most intriguing modern interpretations, and from there towards the search for perfection…. The art of chef Nicola Leo will delight you in a transport of flavors and sensations with firm roots in the Salento tradition and in the intoxicating search for perfection.

Flour kneaded every day to ensure fresh pasta, products at zero km carefully selected by the chef to ensure the true flavor of the Salento area. And finally the expert hands of the chef to give priceless daily emotions in their feeling.

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