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Residence in Puglia with pool

Tenuta Santicuti, a residence with swimming pool immersed in the natural beauty of Puglia, offers a unique stay experience. With an enchanting welcome and careful attention to detail, the estate promises a haven of elegance and tranquility in the heart of this fascinating region.

The accommodations at Tenuta Santicuti are designed to offer comfort and style, welcoming guests in an atmosphere of refinement. Each housing unit has numerous comforts, allowing guests to relax and enjoy moments of pure pleasure in the open air.

Choose Tenuta Santicuti, residence in Puglia with swimming pool

The location of the estate allows guests to fully experience the enchantment of Salento nature. With large green spaces, well-kept gardens and breathtaking views, Tenuta Santicuti offers total immersion in a regenerating and evocative environment.

Tenuta Santicuti is not just a residence, but a real life experience in Salento, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the charm of the coast and the authenticity of the local culture.

Tenuta Santicuti in Puglia, residence with swimming pool in Puglia

To experience the elegance of living in Salento, book your stay at Tenuta Santicuti now. Find out how this residence with swimming pool can transform your holiday into an interlude of relaxation and beauty in the heart of Salento.

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